Container Transport in Manchester

Consistently delivering excellence in road based container transport in Manchester and the surrounding areas, Trafford Haulage Ltd has the infrastructure to handle complex operations including multi-drops, drop and swap, splitter trailers and hazardous haulage requirements.

Specialised haulage services includes reefers and temperature controlled vehicles, abnormal loads and flat bed trailers.

Every vehicle in our modern fleet has tracking systems and E PDDS for complete security and tracking.
Additionally, Trafford Haulage Ltd are accredited for waste carriage and animal food products.


We specialise in groundworks of all types and cover demolition, excavation, site clearance…


Trafford Haulage Ltd offers a comprehensive range of earthmoving plant and machinery…


Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we’re more than happy to help….

Experience and Reliability

Container transport is one of the most popular freight services but is also a little more complex than most people realise. So if you have freight coming into Manchester and need to get it to other parts of the UK, Trafford Haulage Ltd is here to help.

Trafford Haulage Ltd has a wealth of experience handling heavy load haulage as well as abnormal loads. We specialise in all kinds of general haulage as well as transporting shipping containers as part of our freight service.

Our Container Transport Services can Include:

Multi Drop
Visiting multiple sites with one container can sometimes prove more efficient and enable us to save time and money for our customers.
Drop & Swap
We are specialists in Drop & Swap, allowing the container to be delivered and deposited on a bay with an empty container available for collection by the same truck. This seamless process is efficient, convenient and streamlines the supply chain.
Abnormal Loads
Trafford Haulage Ltd specialise in the transportation of abnormal loads, break bulk cargo and/or OOG containers, with the possibility of supplying ramps for vehicle movements. Plated to 52 tons (STGO CAT1-2) with self/private escort services also available.
Hazardous Haulage
Our specialist trained hazardous drivers and trucks can carry all hazardous goods other than Class 1, 4.1 and 7. Contact us to find out more.