Plant Haulage in Manchester

Trafford Haulage Ltd have the fleet and the operational capacity for plant haulage in Manchester when you want and where you want it with a complete project management service that includes full nationwide coverage.

We are an exciting new company that responds to the needs of our rapidly growing client base with professionalism, integrity and understanding, whatever special type haulage they require.


We specialise in groundworks of all types and cover demolition, excavation, site clearance…


Trafford Haulage Ltd offers a comprehensive range of earthmoving plant and machinery…


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Plant Haulage Manchester

Based in the centre of Manchester, we deliver manageable and cost-effective plant haulage solutions that include the provision of abnormal load escort services and movement orders. Our convenient location gives us immediate access to major road systems that can take us throughout the UK mainland and overseas. We are fully committed to finding working solutions for all clients and our company accepts even the most challenging of projects with total enthusiasm.


What is plant haulage?

Plant haulage and heavy plant haulage involves the transportation of machinery and plant to and from two set points, usually a warehouse and construction or development site. When transporting plant and machinery in and around the Manchester area we use powerful vehicles including a heavy plant low loader.

Sorry, what’s a heavy plant low loader?

This vehicle has a low floor and no sides, is usually very long and features multiple sets of tyres. The heavy plant low loader is specifically designed for machinery haulage and is one of the most common types of heavy machinery transporters used in our industry. They can support tens of thousands of kilograms of weight, and are designed with the safety of motorists firmly in mind.

What if I require heavy haulage services, but not for plant or machinery?

Our vehicles are versatile and we can use our heavy plant transporters for all sorts of special type haulage, depending on your situation. Contact us and we’ll be able to figure out the best vehicle for the job at hand.

Many of our clients are commercial companies around Manchester who need large quantities of heavy goods transported around the UK. They choose heavy haulage when 4×4 trucks can’t handle the load, or when splitting goods into multiple convoys would prove too expensive and inefficient.